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‘Natural Smile Designer’

Established In 2011, E-Pros Co., Ltd. is the advanced and specialized manufacturer of Dental Implant Abutment in Korea

and we have been supplying our high quality products to many customers in the world enjoying a very good reputation and also, our quality products are being selected constantly by professional Dental Clinics, Dental Offices and Dental Laboratories in the world. E-Pros Co., Ltd. is an abbreviated word of Esthetic Prosthetics and the biggest characteristic of our products is to make customers gum shape and teeth most similar to nature with our high quality and various abutments. Accordingly, we let our customers recover their lost smile with beautiful teeth as well as we let our customers feel the pleasure of eating as providing healthy teeth to customers. We constantly try to fulfill human hope for more healthy and beautiful gum and teeth with Natural Abutment(Healing) most similar to natural gum shape of each position and with Scallop Abutment(Final) most similar to natural teeth.Please try and enjoy our quality products at competitive price.



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